Worship and Celebration R.S

Hi.. i know R.S isnt fun. But hopefully this mindmap has covered all of the Five Pillars

Remember, this is a basic mindmap - it hasnt got all the key words you need to get top marks, good luck! :)

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  • Worship and Celebration :P
    • Hajj
      • Pilgrimage to holiest city, where islam was born - Mecca.
      • Arafat means you have sins forgiven
      • commitment to Allah because it is only dedicated to worshipping Allah
      • Going on Hajj shows you are a good muslim because everyone has to do it
      • Helps gain better knowledge of Islam and its History
    • Shahadah
      • Declaration of faith that muslims make to be a part of the islamic faith (1st pillar)
      • Every muslim says it before converting and in salah (ummah)
      • Commitment to allah because you are obeying to Allah's commands and have stated allah is the only god
    • Salah
      • All praying together at the same time facing qiblah
      • Commitment to allah because you take time out of your day to pray to Allah
      • Constant reminder because of five times a day
      • Shows submission because of bowing/kneeling
    • Zakat
      • Giving 2.5% of salary to charity annually
      • Remembering the welfare of other muslims that are less fortunate
      • Everyone has to do it - shows Ummah.
      • Shows commitment to Allah because you are following five pillars
        • Purified of wealth
    • Sawm
      • Fasting affects your day - makes you think of Allah
      • Shows ummah because you are looking out for the poor and giving charity
      • Makes muslims appreciate the food Allah provided them with
      • Occurs in the month of Ramadan and you do not eat from dawn till dusk


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