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  • Worship
    • Private worship
      • this can be meditating
        • this can produce quiet  in a busy lifestyle
        • Meditation is focusing on a particlular object ot throught to stimulate a prayer pattern and to help the person to concentrate when distractions occur
      • praying to god
        • when you are on your own and you want to give your own time to God
        • it can be done spontaneous. So dosen't have to follow a liturigcal structure
    • Aids of Worship
      • Icons
        • An icon is a holy picture, specially painted to represent christ, mary or any other saint
          • In all orthodox churches there is an Iconostasis, which is a screen containing a group of icons that separates the altar from the main church.
      • the Rosary
        • Glory Be  this is said 1 time
        • Hail, Mary       this is said 10 times
        • Our Father prayer this is said 1 time
      • Statues
        • some people use statues to help pray.
          • for example if they wanted to pray to mary, they would pray in front of a staue of mary
          • Catholics do not agree with this
    • public worship
      • Liturgical
        • This worship follows a pattern, a set order which can be often found in a prayer book.
      • Non liturgical worship
        • spontaneous worship
          • these are informal worships. the congragation speak or shout when they feel the holy sprit
        • non - structure
          • this does not have to be a set order of service. these tend to be bible based. churches that do this consist of the baptist church and united reformed


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