World War I

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  • World War I: Part 2
    • Women and the vote
      • Women's work in WWI
        • Factory workers and farmers
        • Encouraged soldiers to sign up for the war
        • Women were ready to die for their country
      • Did the war really change women's lives?
        • Lead to temporary end to debate about vote for women
        • No equal pay for women
        • Most women were thrown out of their jobs at the end of the war
      • Some women got the vote in 1918
    • Russian Revolution
      • Many problems already in Russian before WWI started, but it added to the Revolution in 1917
      • Tsar did many wrong things during the war
        • Many food shortages
        • Russia was very poor
        • Country was badly ruled by Tsarina and Rasputin after Tsar went to take care of the War at the front
    • Germany after the War
      • Treaty of Versailles was hated by Germans
        • Hyperinflation caused a lot of poverty and famine in Germany because they had to give money to the Allies
      • Depression later because of the Wall Street Crash


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