Russia and World War 2

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  • World War 2 and Russia
    • A pact was made between Russia and Gremany where Germany promised not to invade which was signed in 1939
    • the pact was broken by the Nazi government who wanted to take Russia.
    • In 1941 the German government started using Blitzckerick and the begining of operation baberosa
    • By the end of 1941 the German Army occupied parts of russa and had captured 45% of the Russian population.
    • Russia had lost Troops, planes, tanks and heavy attilary.
    • this made the comunist government look bad and had echos of WW1 for the russian people.  due to tighter controlls there was not as much speaking outr against the government and got rid of the threat of an uprising
    • Having only Just manged to avoid defeat during barberossa the tide of the war began to  turn in russia favor


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