World Trade

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  • World Trade
    • Negatives
      • L.E.D.C's only get a small % of profit from products sold
        • M.E.D.C's get 3/4 of the profit made overall
      • Unfair
        • Farmers in the Eu and USA have a powerful political voice
          • Protected by quotas
    • Positives
      • High amount of profit for M.E.D.C's
      • Provides jobs for people to work on farms in L.E.D.C's
      • Fair trade helps farmers in developing countries get a better deal
        • an example of sustainable development
    • Trading blocs
      • E.G. The EU
      • Positives
        • Protects products within the trading bloc
        • Helps countries within Trading bloc develop faster
          • E.G Poland
      • Negatives
        • L.E.D.C's find it hard to trade with countries within the barrier
          • L.E.D.C's find it hard to develop


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