World Peace

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  • World Peace
    • The UN
      • formed to preserve world peace
      • it is important because it brings all the world together and can send peacekeeping forces to stop conflict
      • after keeping the peace for 9 years it has helped establish a democratic Kosovar state
    • promotion from religious oragnisations
      • they try to promote world peace in all the world's religions by:
        • going to war zones and supporting efforts to stop the war
        • organising demonstrations against wars
        • educating people about the need for world peace
    • Why wars occur:
      • religion (if followers of a religion are being badly treated in another country etc)
      • nationalism and ethnicity (if an ethnic group wants to set up its own country etc)
      • economics (if a country has oil but its neighbour does not etc)
      • political reasons (if one country is communist and wants to make other countries communist
    • Just war theory is the idea that it is right to go to war if the reasons are just
      • for example it has been agreed by the UN, or it is being fought in self-defence
    • Christians attitudes to war:
      • Some Christians believe that they should work for peace by refusing to fight in wars
        • they believe Christians should be pacifists because Jesus taught Christians to love their enemies
          • Pacifism means refusing to fight in wars
      • Some Christians believe that the way to bring peace is to be prepared to fight in just wars
        • They will fight to defend the weak and to bring peace to the world because this has always been the Church's teaching
    • Muslims attitudes to war:
      • Muslims believe in peace, but Islam teaches that if the faith is attacked, Muslims must defend their faith by fighting jihad (a just war fought in a just way)
        • they believe this because it is taught in the Qur'an which they believe is the word of God


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