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  • World War 2
    • Holocaust
      • Jews sent to the death camps.
      • When the jews arrived at the camps, they were told that they would take a shower
      • They were sorted into groups. Those that could work and those that could'nt. They were split into men and women.
    • Denmark and sweden
      • Helped 95% of the jews escape
      • Thousands of jews managed to escape to sweden.
      • Sweden managed to rescue over half of the jewish population
    • Britain
      • 60,000 to palestine that was a british madate at the time.
      • The british immigration quotas prevented them from migrating.
      • They had a cap on Jewish immigration to Palestine in order to avoid a negative reaction from the arabs.
    • Poland
      • The government managed to raise awareness of the genocide.
      • It fell on polish groups to help jews escape.
      • There were death penaltys for anyone that helped Jews, so that stopped people from helping.
    • USA
      • They didn't know what was going on.
      • Some awareness existed of the treatment to jews
      • The Evian conference was called to discuss jewish refugees.
      • They refused to grant temporary refuge to jews.
    • The Nazis wanted to get rid of all of the Jews, they worked them to death or they jst killed them.


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