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  • Evaluate the idea that British Standard English is superior to other varieties of english
    • There are seperate definitions of superiority due to the prescriptivist versus desscriptivist debate (Engel hates americanisms, Algeo says it expands english)
    • British standard english initially spread around the world by colonisation (Kandiah) though in the modern day its the USA's political and economic influence which has a seperate standard that is the largest sector of english use. The UK has only the 6th most amount of english speakers in the world (Beneke, 80% of english interactions are non-native)
    • McArthurs model of global english is represented by a wheel with world standard english in the centre. British and irish standard english is equal to the carribean, canadian and american standard. Kachrus model places UK, USA, and Australia in middle so some theorists have an elitists perspective though not entirely british english
    • Pidgin developed as a lingua franca between traders but evidence of it is disappearing due to government, a change that Ben Macintyre laments
      • Show mercy to the slender grass
    • Graddol, english will lose popularity to spanish and mandarin. Ostler, translation software will make learning english less important
    • Crystal, different places adopt and adapt english to suit their needs, thouugh british standard english is culturally significant to most of the UK the rest of the world has no allegiance to any particular model therefore will be open to change


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