Working Memory Model (strengths and weaknesses)

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  • Working Memory Model (strengths and weaknesses)
    • Weaknesses
      • exact role played by the central executive remains slightly unclear
        • other researchers have questioned whether it can be a single component or whether there are separate verbal and spatial working memory systems
      • doesn't offer a complete understanding of how memory works
    • Strengths
      • Explanatory power
        • WMM explains a number of research findings that can't be explained by the MSM e.g. word length effect
      • Baddeley and Hitch conducted a lab experiment
        • demonstrated that performance was SLOWER when pp's were given a task involving the central executive and a second task involving both the central executive and articulatory loop, than the articulatory loop alone or no extra task
      • evidence supporting phonological loop
        • baddeley et al. conducted a lab experiment
          • demonstrated that the phonological loop holds the amount of info that can be said in 2 secs
            • however, word-length effect disappears if a person is given an articulatory suppression task


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