Working memory model

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  • Working memory model
    • Stores
      • Central executive is the key component and can be described as attention
      • Articulatory-phonological loop holds speech based information. It contains a phonological store (inner ear) and a articulatory process (inner voice)
      • The visuo-spatial sketch pad deals with temporary storage of visual and spatial information
    • Interference tasks
      • If p's were asked to perform 2 tasks simultaneouslythat use the same system then their performance will be affected eg. Saying the the the whilst silently reading something
      • Both the  tasks above use the articulatory-phonological loop, this has limited capacity and cannot cope with both tasks performance will be affected
      • However  if both of the tasks use different systems performance isn't affected
    • Strengths and weaknesses
      • KF was a brain damaged patient who had impaired STM, he had a problem with immediate recall of words presented verbally but not with visual info, this suggested that he had an impaired articulatory loop.
      • However psychologists have criticised this model, they think B&H idea of a central executive too simplistic and vague. The model doesn't explain exactly what the CE is apart from involved in attention.


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