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  • Working Memory Model
    • Weaknesses
      • We dont know what the central executive does or is.
      • Most research on WMM is on brain damaged patients so may not be valid.
      • It dioesnt explain how STM and LTM are linked.
    • Strengths
      • Lots of supporting evidence
        • Bunge et al FMRI scan shows central executive more active when 2 tasks are done at same time
        • Baddely et al provided evidence for visuospatial sketchpad in lught tracling task
      • Explains some psychology explinations e.g. word length effect
    • Stores of WMM
      • Central Executive:       Directs attention to particular tasks
      • Visuo spatial Sketchpad:      Processes visual and spatial information (how things look)
      • Phonological Loop:               Controls auditory information, subdivided into phonological store (inner ear) and articulatory process (inner voice)
      • Episodic Buffer:             General store,added later to the model for things that include visuo and acoustic information


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