Memory- Working memory model

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  • Working memory model
    • STM= multiple component flexible system.
    • Baddley and Hitch
      • STM is a "workspace."  Two tasks can be done simultaneously provided they use different parts of the STM
      • Dual task: STM has more than just temporary storage, has more than one component
      • 3 main components
        • Central exucutive: Supervisory component. Limited capacity- processes all types of information. Starts rehearsal process, switches attention. Inhibits irrelevant info. Retrieves info from LTM. Monitors and corrects errors
        • 2 slaves
          • Phonological loop: Limited capacity, temporary storage system for verbal information
            • Articulatory process
            • Phonological store
          • The visuo-spatial sketchpad: Limited capacity, temporary storage fo visual/ spatial information
            • Visuo cache: passive store
            • inner scribe


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