Living in Nazi Germany - working for Hitler

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  • Working for Hitler
    • RAD (German Labour Association)
      • Created 100,000s of jobs
        • Planting forests
        • Building motorways
        • Building hospitals
        • This was done straight away in 1933, and by 1934 over 2,000,000 jobs were created
      • It was a huge opportunity to extend Nazi control into people's lives
      • RAD member wore uniform, lived away from home and lived under Nazi discipline
        • They were willing to do it because it gave them a bed, clothes, food and some pay
        • It was better than being unemployed
    • German Labour Front (no more unions)
      • Union leaders were democratically, and unions decided about fair pay and hours
        • Nazis didn't like this and scrapped unions and replaced them with the German Labour Front
      • Gave workers freedom such as cheaper holidays, but they couldn't question how many hours they worked or what their pay was
      • Allowed hours to go up without needing to increase pay
    • KDF (strength through joy)
      • The Nazis used this to contol Germans even when they weren't working
      • Lesiure activities such as theatres, museums and cinema were all run by the Nazis
      • It also ran subsidised holidays for workers
    • Hitler also incresed the size of the army from 100,000 in 1933 to 950,000 in 1939
      • Went against Versailles, but created nearly a million jobs
    • Germany could not really afford any of this, but Hitler refused to let this stop him


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