Public services

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  • working together to manage incidents
    • assess the situation
      • the services work together to assess the situation and establish which tasks need to be done by the services e.g. practising together
    • coordinate rescues
      • some services have a very specific role in rescues, such as HM coastguard e.g. these services will usually be supported by other services in coordinating rescues
    • provide emergency medical care
      • incidents often involve casualties who need treatment e.g. they can have treatment in hospital
    • maintain the security of the incident scene
      • some incident scenes are also crime scenes e.g. RTC
    • keep the public services away from the scene to ensure the rescue is not impeded
      • the services must prevent people from gathering round the scene of an incident because this can prevent from the public services dealing with the incident
    • minimise the impact of incidents on the wider community
      • serious crimes can have a lasting impact on the wider community, leading to an increased fear of crime or the closure of homes and companies e.g. maintain a visible presence in the area for a while after the incident


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