working memory model- evidence and criticisms

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  • Discuss the evidence that supports a multi-component model of working memory. Is a multi-component model adequate?
    • No
      • Baddeley (2002)- not enough information about ho the PL maintains the serial order of information
      • Too much focus on PL?
      • Real world applications?
      • No pure measures
      • Kintsch (1998)- more about attention than memory
      • Nairne (2002)- false positives
      • Cabeza (2002)- high degree of overlap between STM and LTM tasks- one unitary system?
      • Jonides (2008)- relational problems
      • Hannula (2006)- anoxics with hippocampal amnesia. STM impaired- shouldnt be
      • Piorer (2018)- secondary task similarity and feature encoding important
      • Morely (2018)- Double dissociations not conclusive evidence
    • Yes
      • Evidence to support the VSS
        • Concurrency (Baddeley and Lieberman, 1980)
        • Smith and Jonides (1997)- RH spatial, LH visual
        • Smith and Jonides (1996)- OL- visual, PL- spatial, FL- coordination
        • Goodman (1996)- single cell studies in Monkeys- short term visual memory system
        • Humphreys (1998)- evolutionary?
        • Della Sala (1999) interference
        • Farah (1995)- LH. spatial > visual
      • Evidence to support the CE
        • Prabhakaran (2000)- Higher FL activation for integrated information
        • Collette and Van der Linden (2002)- frontal lobes critical for executive functioning
        • Rottschy (2012)- 189 FMRI studies. Executive functioning= activation of frontoparietal network
        • Separate systems? Shah and Miyake (1996); Eslinger and Damasio (1985) EVR
        • Perry and Hodges (1996)- AD is due to deficits in CE?
        • Shallice (1978)- CE acts as an attention switcher
      • Evidence to support the PL
        • Phonological similarity effect
        • Irrelevant speech effect (Salame and Baddeley (1987)
        • Word length effect (Ellis and Hennelley, 1980; Naveh-Benjamin and Ayres, 1986)
        • Smith and Jonides (1997)- AP (Broca's area) vs PS (parietal lobes)
        • Vallar and Baddeley (1984)- VR. Poor auditory STM but normal speech production (AP)


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