Workers in Nazi Germany 2

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  • Workers in Nazi Germany
    • Working Class Labourers
      • Form the bulk of the 6 million unemployed
      • Had to work in government programmes or lose unemployment benefit
      • It allowed some to feed their families
      • Councils provided cheaper housing
      • Wages on schemes often bought less than benefits
    • German Workers Front
      • Employers and employees belonged to the DAF
      • Bad housing
      • DAF
      • A lot of people complained about the amount of work
      • Put them to work building new motorways, hospitals, schools and other public buildings
      • Allowed them to earn money
      • A massive organisation to control the workers
    • Reich Labour Service
      • Nazis tried to use RAD to indoctrinate young adults
      • Didn't improve lives
      • Unpopular as it was hard, manual labour and poorly paid
      • RAD
      • All 18-25 year olds who were male had to do 6 moths work service
    • Beauty of Labour
      • Persuaded employers to improve working conditions in factories
      • Organised campaigns
        • 'Good ventilation in the work place'
        • 'Hot meals in the factory'
    • Strength Through Joy
      • Encouraged people to save up for travel and holidays
      • Organised the leisure time of workers
      • Offered the chance to start paying towards a Volkswagen car
      • Very popular with workers


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