Workers in Nazi Germany

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  • Workers in Nazi Germany
    • The New Plan
      • Imports limited
      • Trade agreements were made with individual countries to supply raw materials
      • To get Germany back on it's feet after the depression
        • Get foreign trade going and to reduce unemployment
      • Government spending channelled into a wide range of industries
      • Hjalmar Schat
      • Unemployment reduced
        • Dismissing Jews and political opponents from certain jobs
        • Compulsory labour service
        • Work creation projects
        • Conscription to the army
    • The Four Year Plan
      • To prepare the German economy for war within 4 years
      • Hermann Goering
      • Particularly important that Germany could keep going if it was blockaded again
        • Self Sufficient
      • Build new industrial plants
        • The Hermann Goering Works, a mining and metal works
      • Policy of becoming self-sufficient known as autarky
      • Use forced labour if needed
      • Increase production of the raw materials needed for rearmament
      • Persuade big businesses to produce key synthetic raw materials
      • Tighten controls on prices and wages
      • Reduce imports
    • Small Business Owners
      • 1936-7, self employed crafts men fell from 1.65 million to 1.5 million
      • Competing Jewish firms closed
      • 1933-7, value of small business trade doubled
      • Difficult to survive because of large department stores taking business
        • New department stores banned, existing not allowed to expand
    • Farmers
      • Food prices increased to ensure profits
      • Some farms debt completely written off
      • Orders for produce given
      • Shortage of labour
    • Big Business Owners
      • Government controlled
        • Wages
        • Raw materials
        • Prices
        • Imports
        • What you produced
      • 1934-38, salaries rose by 70% on average
      • Business promoted by rearmament programme
      • Trade unions destroyed and German Labour Front sorted disputes from workers


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