P3 Physics Work and Power

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  • Work and Power
    • Work
      • Work is done when a force moves an object in the direction in which the force acts.
      • Work done (J) = Energy Transferred (J)
      • Work done = Force x Distance Moved
    • Power
      • Power is the rate at which work is done.
        • Power = Work Done / Time Taken
      • A person's power is greater when they run than when they walk.
      • Power is also relate to force and speed.
        • = Power
          • = Work Done / Time Taken
            • = (Force x Distance) / Time Taken
              • = Force x (Distance / Time)
                • Force x Speed
      • Some cars are more powerful than others. They travel faster and cover the same distance in a shorter time and require more fuel. The power rating of a car depends on its engine size. More powerful cars have greater fuel consumption.
        • Fuel is expensive and a car with high fuel consumption is expensive to run.
        • Fuel pollutes the environment.
          • Car exhaust gases, especially carbon dioxide are harmful.
          • Carbon dioxide is also a major source of greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.
    • Weight
      • Weight is a measure of the gravitational attraction on a body acting towards the centre of the Earth.
      • Weight = Mass x Gravitational Field Strength
        • A mass of 1 kg has a weight of about 10N on Earth.


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