Women's roles

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  • Women's roles
    • Nora
      • Treated like a child
        • "Nora" not Leonora
      • Not really her home
        • "The front door bell rings" (no key)
      • Can't borrow money (no responsibility)
        • "a wife can't borrow without her husbands consent"
      • Wife and mother
        • "First and foremost, you are a wife and a mother"
      • Trapped in the roles
        • "Nora dances more and more wildly"
      • There for entertainment
        • "The pretty little sky-lark would sing all day"
      • A doll in a doll's house - constricted by male owners
        • "I have been your doll wife...I was daddy's doll child"
    • Mrs Linde
      • Looked after her mother and brothers
        • "I had a helpless mother and two younger brothers"
      • Had to work - but enjoyed it
        • "give me somebody...to work for"
      • Had to marry for money
        • "not even a broken heart"
      • Equal in her relationship with Krogstad
        • "Us two castaways joining forces"
    • Anne Marie
      • Can only be a mother with a man
        • "a poor girl's been in trouble...he didn't help"
    • Kate
      • She is a mother
        • Scripted as "Mother" not Kate
      • Dutiful wife - willing keeps Joe's secret
        • "For you, Kate"//"I know, darling"
      • Is fragile as a women
        • "What's mother going to say?"
      • In reality she's in charge
        • "Tell me...what do I do?"
      • She's intelligent  aware of everything
        • "[With an undercurrent of observation]"
    • Ann
      • Treated as a possession
        • "She's one item he's not going to grab
      • Intelligent and works
        • "How's that for three weeks' salary?"
      • Not concerned about money
        • "It wouldn't matter to me"
    • Sue and Lydia
      • Lydia is intelligent but this isn't part of her role as a woman
        • "I was just reading..."
      • Bein a wife/mother is part of growing up
        • "it was one, two three - You've been away a long time
      • A man shouldn't owe a woman
        • "You can never owe somebody something without resenting them"


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