Women in New China

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  • Women in the New China
    • Confucius' teaching
      • Founding philosopher - 5th/6th Century
      • 'Obedience of wives to their husbands'
      • Created harmony within society
    • Concubines
      • Mistresses - used for men's pleasure
      • Women = objects
      • Mao followed this also
    • Arranged marriages/bride price
      • Mao's story - 1907
        • Became betrothed at 14 to a woman 7 years older
      • Marriages acted as a financial agreement between 2 families
        • Love was not considered
      • Women = objects
      • Bride price = provided money for girl's family
    • Foot binding
      • Song period - breaking the bones of a young girls' feet then binding them
      • Sought after attribute of female beauty
      • Symbol of male dominance (social subordination)
    • Cultural traditions/husbands family
      • Male side of the family was all-important
      • After marriage, a girl had to forsake her own family and her priorities laid with her husband's familiy
    • Changsta incident: 1919
      • Arranged marriage - woman slit her throat on her wedding day in front of guests


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