Women in Nazi Germany

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  • Women in Nazi Germany
    • Wanted women to be mothers so birth rate would increase
      • It had dropped very low
      • Germany needed a larger population if it wanted to be great
    • Nazis persuaded women to be mothers
      • 'The Honour Cross of the German Mother'
        • Silver for 6 children
        • Gold for 8 children
        • Bronze for four children
      • Discouraging companies to employ women
      • National Socialists wanted women to be mothers. The ideal women was one who, above all, was a capable mother
      • Rhymes were created
      • Advertisements for women to become wives so children could be made
    • Nazis aiming for mothers who...
      • had many children
      • did not work
    • 1937 Nazis wanted women to go back to work
      • A lot of men joining the army meant they could not work
      • A lot more jobs were vacant
    • A lot of women didn't like the idea of working in factories
      • Wages were low and working conditions poor
      • Employees often preferred foreign workers as their facilities were unsuitable for women
    • Divorce law was changed
      • Possible if a husband or wife could not have children
    • Lebensborn set up
      • Specially chosen unmarried women would have sex with a 'racially pure' ** men and 'donate a baby' to the Fuhrer


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