Women in Nazi Germany

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  • Women in Nazi Germany
    • The ideal Woman
      • No make-up
      • Blonde
      • Heavy hipped
      • Did not smoke
      • Did not go to work
      • Brought up children
      • Did all household duties
    • Marriage & Family
      • In 1933 the Law for the encouragement of marriage was introduced.
        • Aimed to increase Germany's falling birth rate.
        • Gave loans to young couples to marry.
          • Provided if the wife left her job.
        • Couples were allowed to keep a quarter of the loan for each child born up to four.
      • On Hitler's mother's birthday, medals were awarded to women with large families.
      • In 1938 the divorce law was changed - a divorce was allowed if a husband or wife could not have children.
      • Lebensborn programme.
        • Specially chosen unmarried women could 'donate a baby to the Fuhrer' by becoming pregnant by 'racially pure' ** men.
    • Kinder, Kirche, Kuche
      • Children, Church and Cooking.


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