woman in the elizabethan era

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    • middle class/poor
      • didn't receive formal education
      • learnt only what was needed in a marriage
      • learnt to govern a household
      • had to become skilled housewives
      • never attended school
    • role of women in marriage
      • many  pass away during childbirth.
      • High mortality rates
      • believed to be inferior to men
      • had Large families
      • sin to disobey the male member of the family.
      • expected to run households
      • Women were expected to bring a dowry
      • expected to obey the father, brother, uncle, and any other male member of the family
    • wealthy
      • allowed education
      • home tutured
      • dance and music skills compulsory
      • were taught latin, greek, french and italian
    • unmarried women
      • spent their lives in a convent
      • last option was domestic service
      • thought of as witches
      • people became suspicous
  • kauthar benriassa
  • thursday 16th october 2014


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