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  • women factory workers
    • opportunities
      • gave them something to do
      • more income
      • continue to work, women working increases
      • women in industry grew
      • raise a family when the men didnt come back
    • long term
      • changed the view and perception of women
      • more working in factories
      • an opportunity that some went back to
    • short term
      • replaced the men
      • seen as strong and powerful
      • appreciated
      • increased product for the war benefical
      • got an income while the men where away
      • lost or gained freedom
      • affected marrages
    • after
      • tough strong worth a good business
      • motivated to work
      • propaganda used to promote
      • men saw them in a different way, begain to apprieciate
      • chance to show off their traits
      • the women working in factories grew, some fought to keep their jobs
    • before
      • image was see as weak house wife
      • low pay if they did jobs
      • not treated important
    • affected
      • worked more but less pay then males
      • couldnt get to the supermarket because they were working
      • move to different towns
      • explore a dfferent living environment
      • marriages and divorce and birth rates


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