Women and Roses

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  • Women and Roses
    • Rythm
      • trochee and dactyl mix, LL has lots of dactyls, dactylic all the way through
      • Calm short stanzas have imabic trimeter
    • Imagery
      • Sexual imagery, 'Thy cup's hert nectar-crimmed, the bees are interested in her now, 'The bee sucked in by the hyacinth', overpoweringflower smell, Brownign is the bee. SLIGHTLY WEIRD
      • Rose symbol could sexual towards women- demeaning
    • Context
      • idea of past/present/future, omenn lusted after/celebrated, objects, described but not given a voice
    • Character
      • 'Dear rose, thy term is reached', is he being respectful to old women, their time has gone, he sounds gentle, its a self indulgent poem he indulging in imagining all these women however kind he is being
        • Lost in musing, your own thoughts, Dubeity, hiding, intravert
      • 'Drink but once and die!' intoxicating idea, Prospice wanting to be with dead woman, deos he want to possess the woman? creepy
      • Has all these women circlign around him as if on a carosel that he can just pick one off at anytime,
        • women alluding him is a theme has links to Tw in Camp
      • 'Fold me fast where the cincture slips', he wants to be imprisoned, 'But no- the old measure, they circle their rose on my rose tree', reminding himself he wont have the women, they allure him
      • Untitled
    • Layout
      • Distinct structure, past/present/future
      • the smaller introductory stanza are much calmer, there is a contrast between frustrated irregular metre, urgent, trochee and dactyls compared to calm in small stanzas
      • 'How shall I fix you, fire you , freeze you',list of 3, alliteration
      • Vulgar word choice, 'each pallid breast!' pare, ghostly, no blood , dead and gone
      • 'Dear rose', refrain, repeated line in a poem, childish? Male voice, creepy
    • Has quite a lingering, leisurely mood, like LAR
    • 'And which of its roses three Is the dearest rose to me?'
      • potentially patronising, affectionate, reflect views of woman at the time, rest of poem is answer to this question
    • 'In a dazzling drift'
      • alliteration, matches stress beats
    • '-flee the multitude of maidens', archaic, collective noun, emphasising their virginity, 'beauties yet unborn', very creepy, they're pure
    • When he talks of the futre, 'Thy bud's the babe unborn', new day opportunities, Maddona imagery, new born
      • The future is most exciting for him as they are furthest away, similarily to how he is excited in LoveinL when he is far away from Elizabeth
        • 'I will make an Eve', he calls himself an artist, he puts himself in the place of God, he seeks a rose without a thorn, no sin, he wants perfection, objectifiying women, he is trying to wrestle with something, never getting anywhere, thsi would be impossible for him to do
    • Links to Tocc.Gal as retreating in own thoughts


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