Social Change in Britain, Women and Family

A brief mind map about how the role of women in a family changed from the 1960s. Covers legislation changes, mass media and financial change. 

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  • Women and Family
    • From a peak of marital rates in the 1970's the total number of marriages have dropped by 1/3 by the 2000's
      • Levels of cohabitation before marriage rose from 6% in 1960s to 70% in 1990s
      • In 1970 7% babies born to cohabiting couples, now 25% in 2008
    • Changes partly driven by liberal legislation in the 1960s
      • 1967 Abortion Act led to more pregnancies ending in abortion rather than shotgun weddings.
      • The Divorce Reform Act 1969
      • The Property Acts 1970
        • Decline in marriage due to increase in divorce
          • The Divorce Reform Act 1969
    • Increased ability for mothers to find work allowed more to divorce as they did not have to rely on father's income.
      • Critics have blamed over generous welfare for the break down of the link between marriage and child rearing.
      • % single mothers who received benefits rose from 30% in 1970 to almost 90% by 1990
      • Child support agency established in 1993 to help force absent parents to pay for the upkeep of the child
    • The Mass Media and the press especially, condemn high levels of divorce and the growth of single parent families. REFLECTED


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