Government Legislation

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  • Government legislation
    • NHS formed in 1948
      • Allowed everybody access to free healthcare
    • Divorce Reform Act 1969
      • Made it easier for women to get a divorce
    • Abortion Act 1967
      • It was easier for women to get an abortion and they didn't have to go to a dodgy backstreet surgeon
    • Family Planning Act 1967
      • Pill dispensed under the NHS
    • Equal Pay Act 1970
      • If a woman did the same job as a man they needed to be paid the same
    • Sexual Discrimination Act 1975
      • Sexual discrimination removed from the workplace
    • Matrimonial Property Act 1970
      • Women and men shared half of the property after a divorce
    • Family Allowances 1945
      • Women got money for each child they had
    • Women's Aid Federation 1974
      • Support and refuge for women experiencing domestic violence
    • Domestic Violence Act 1979
      • Gave court orders to women in abusive relationships to exclude her violent partner from her home


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