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  • Women
    • Courtesans
      • Known as hetairai (companions)they are high class prostitutes.
      • Beautiful, and had good conversation or music skills.
      • Never from Athenian families.
      • The most powerful women in Athens, could earn lots of money
      • Aspasia was Pericles's mistress, and held great sway over him.
    • Childhood
      • They would learn domestic skills from their mother.
      • Mostly illiterate, only a few would learn music.
      • Could help with religious duties, e.g Athena or Artemis.
    • The Kyria
      • Responsible for storerooms, and household.
      • Made clothes (cloth was very expensive.
      • Lots of weaving.
    • Childbirth
      • This is her main duty.
      • Incredibly dangerous.
    • Rights and Lifestyle
      • She was the possesion of her husband.
      • Couldn't leave house alone.
      • Limits on how much they could buy.
      • Some had to work, washing etc.


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