women in the early 20th century

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  • Women In The Early 20th Century
    • Role and status in the family
      • some women in poor families had to work to make ends meet.
      • in middle class homes, women were prepared for domestic duties and were restricted to the home primarily.
      • women were raised to think that they were inferior to the men in the family.
    • education
      • Girls were generally held back with their schooling
      • women were held back when it came to higher education.
      • Their education prepared girls for domestic duties only. it was generally confined to reading, writing and needlework.
    • social life
      • Attitudes to women also limited them socially: single women were expected to go out with an escort, not to smoke or drink, they were also expected to dress appropriately.
    • Employment
      • many married women were not expected to work.
      • Those who worked, were often in unskilled and low paid jobs
      • for unmarried women, job opportunities were limited


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