women in Macbeth

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  • Lady Macbeth
    • women in Macbeth
      • Lady Macduff
        • stereotypical
          • 'or should I put up that womanly defence?'
            • accepts her femininity and will use it to her advantage. not ashamed of it
            • calm and controlled in situations. intelligent
          • 'I have done no harm'
            • innocent and pure as believed women should be
              • antithesis of Lady Macbeth
            • knows she is harmless
          • 'to leave his wife, his babes'
            • angry with her husband because she depends on him for everything and needs his support. she is helpless without him and vulnerable which is proved in her and kids being killed
    • Unstereotypical
      • 'come you spirits'
        • women at this time supposed to be devoted christians
      • 'give me the daggers'
        • in control of her husband. gives him commands
      • 'dash'd the brains out'
        • women not expected to be violent
        • women supposed to be loving mothers
      • 'come to my woman's breast and take my milk for gall'
        • take her milk which gives nourishment and life and take it for evil and poison
          • violence and not motherly
      • 'a little water clears us of this deed'
        • guilty of violence and murder
      • 'my hands are of your colour but I shame to wear a heart so white'
        • not cowardly and not innocent
        • accuses her husband of being a coward
      • 'are you a man?'
        • manipulating her husband, in control


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