women and the nazis

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  • Women and the Nazis
    • Nazi views on the role of the familyHitler promoted the importance of a stable, traditional family.
    • Men were to be in charge and protect their family
    • Women were to serve and nurture their family.
    • Hitler wanted to use families to increase the size of the population and to ensure it was pure Aryan.
    • In public, Hitler said women were “equal but different from men”, but he actually thought women were inferior.
    • He believed women’s lives should revolve around the three 'Ks': Kinder, Küche, Kirche (Children, Kitchen, Church).
    • The Nazis expected women to stay at home, look after the family and produce children in order to secure the future of the Aryan race.
    • Hitler said a woman’s role was to be a mother and not to work outside the home.he wanted them to raise more Aryan children;he needed their jobs for the unemployed men.
    • Women were expected to copy traditional German peasant fashions. They were told to wear plain clothes, flat shoes and have their hair in plaits or buns.
    • They were not to wear make-up, trousers or short skirts, or dye or perm their hair and they were not to smoke in public.
    • They were discouraged from staying slim or dieting, because it was thought that thin women had trouble giving birth.
    • women who had a large number of children, such as the Motherhood Cross which awarded bronze for 4 children, silver for 6 and gold for 8 or more


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