Women and equality

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  • Women and equality
    • During the late 19th century women started to fight for equal rights
      • 1882 Married women's property act: women could keep their property separate from their husbands
      • 1892 Local government act: Women allowed to stand as councilors
      • 1918 Representation of people act: Allowed women over 30 to vote in parliamentary elections (men over 21 could vote)
      • 1928 Electoral reform act: equal voting rights and women could stand as MPs
      • 1970 Equal pay act
      • 1975 Sex discrimination act: illegal to discriminate in employment on grounds of gender or martial status
    • Why attitudes have changed
      • Two world wars: women had to take over jobs
      • Other countries like New Zealand gave women equal political rights and this made it difficult for the UK to not also give these rights
      • Success of women
      • Work of the suffragette movement
      • Social and industrial developments in the 1950s and 60s led to the need for more women to provide a second income
      • UN declaration of human rights and development of the feminist movement
      • Labour government of 1964-70 and 1974-79 were dedicated to the equal rights campaign  and passed the equal pay act and sex discrimination act


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