Wolsey's rise to power

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  • Wolsey's rise to power
    • Character and Personality
      • He was born the son of a butcher but was very clever.
      • He went to oxford at a very young age.
        • He got his first degree at age 15.
      • He was very driven and confident.
        • This made him able to take any opportunity he could.
          • he was prepared to take risks when necessary.
      • He was good at flattery.
        • This helped him to become a welcome companion  of many influential people.
      • He had great organisation skills.
        • This meant people would rely on him to carry out important tasks.
      • He was quick to get rid of any competition by any means.
    • Role as a royal counselor and the Kings advisor
      • His first place was as a 'man of business' for Bishop Fox, who was one of Henry VII's trusted advisers.
      • When Henry VIII came to power he still had many of his father's old advisers.
        • He was not happy with this as they wanted him to continue his old policies
          • Wolsey pleased him by:
            • Encouraging him to follow his own policies.
            • Telling him to leave the work to others, so he could take part in the leisure activities he wanted to.
      • Many powerful figures from the old reign either retired or were forced out, so he had little competition.
    • Expedition to France
      • The king needed somebody to organize the army.
        • Wolsey was selected, giving him the chance to prove himself to the King.
      • Wolsey was successful in organizing troops and supplies.
      • Many people complained to Henry that his methods were ruthless and left no room for debate.
        • This made Henry like him more.
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