Wolsey's Policies

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  • Wolsey's Policies
    • Domestic
      • 1525 Amicable Grant
        • Non-Parliamentary (Wolsey didn't ask Parliament)
          • Collected by Royal decree
        • A tax to fund a war with France
          • Henry wanted to take advantage of Francis being held Captive
        • People had 10 weeks to pay it - many couldn't afford it
          • Led to an increased risk of rebellion  against the king
            • Lavenham, Suffolk a rebellion happened with 10,000 men
        • Wolsey was left humiliated as he had to take responsibility for its failure
    • Foreign
      • 1518 Treaty of London
        • Stated that all countries involved (Europe) should live in peace and if a country went to war they would be at risk of being attacked
          • Only prevented war for 3 years
        • Signed by 20 European leaders and the pope
        • Brought prestige to Henry
          • Placed Henry and Wolsey at the centre of European politics
      • 1520 Field of the Cloth of Gold
        • One of a series of diplomatic meetings arranged by Wolsey
        • Symbolised Wolsey's efforts to keep Henry at the centre of European events
          • Made it look like Henry was in control of events in Europe
        • Between Francis I (King of France) and Henry VIII
          • War broke out with France and Spain
            • Henry sided with Spain which damaged his alliance with France
      • 1522-25 Treaty of the Burges
        • Charles would help England seize French territory and the French throne
          • This didn't happen
            • Charles gave Henry little military support
              • After the battle of Pavia Charles ignored Henrys suggestion that France should be divided between England and the Holy Roman Empire with Henry getting the throne
                • Charles released Francis from captivity
                • The war was unpopular and cost £430,000
                  • Achieved very little
                    • Charles released Francis from captivity


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