Wolsey's Domestic Policies

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  • Wolsey's Domestic Policies
    • Justice
      • Solution to the problem
        • set a clear signal that no one was to be above the law
        • increased the court's work  rate
        • oversaw many cases in person
        • made the reasons for his decision public
        • supported the poor against the rich
        • Encouraged the poor
      • Problems before Wolsey
        • Verdicts favoured those who had the most money and influence
      • Consequences of the solution
        • still criticised
          • some believed that his main intention was to get revenge on the upper classes
        • strengthened the legal system
    • Enclosures
      • Problems before Wolsey
        • lead to farmers being forced off their land
        • the removal of the common areas where villagers could graze their animals
      • Solution to the problem
        • 260 court cases being brought against land owners
      • Consequences of the solution
        • angry land owners in parliament forces Wolsey to call a halt to any further investigations into enclosed land
    • Finance
      • Problems before Wolsey
        • Henry wanted to follow an aggressive foreign policy to prove himself to be the greatest king in Europe
          • this was expensive because Henry's average salary was not enough to win wars abroad
      • Solution to the problem
        • improve the system of direct taxation with subsidy
        • the greater a person's income, the bigger the pay
      • Consequences of the solution
        • rich paid the most tax
        • made use of the pre-existing methods of raising money
        • heavy rates of taxation made him very unpopular
        • abused his power to get revenge on the rich
    • The Eltham Ordinances
      • Problems before Wolsey
        • Henry's palaces were dirty
        • bad behaviour was common and money was spent without thought
      • Solution to the Problem
        • Wolsey drew up a detailed list of rules
          • servants who were sick or not needed were laid off
          • expenses were cut
          • meals were set at certain times
          • Dogs were banned
          • Kings Privy Chamber 12 to 6
      • Consequences of the solution
        • save money
        • lost interest in applying oter domestic measures


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