Wolsey (Henry VIII)

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  • Wolsey
    • Rise to power
      • In the right place at the right time - Henry VIII was looking for friends more than serious councilors.
      • Significant skills e.g. organisational skills shown when put in charge of the French expedition 1513.
      • Worked hard - when asked to travel to Flanders, Wolsey went into overdrive to prove his worth and within 3 days he had been there and back.
      • Made the most of the opportunities given to him.
      • Pragmatic approach helped him achieve Henry's aims - wanted to please him.
    • Maintaining his position
      • He gained huge wealth - about 10x richer than his nearest rival (excluding the King); £50,000 disposable income.
      • Henry VIII valued him - however only allowed W to do as he pleased as long as he agreed with it.
        • e.g. when W appointed his own nominee as Abbess of the Nunnery of Wilton against H's wishes he was forced to grovel and apologies.
      • He eliminated rivals e.g. rumored to have been a part of the execution of the Duke of Buckingham 1521.


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