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  • Wolsey
    • Cardinal
      • Papal Legate
    • Lord Chancellor
      • In charge of chancery and exchequer
    • Head of star chamber
      • Made it so peasants could be legally represented like nobility
        • Antagonised nobility
    • Hampton Court
      • Largest palace in England (showed wealth)
    • Eltham Ordances
      • Reduces cost of the Royal Household
        • Antagonises nobility
    • Needed Nobility on his side to keep his positon
      • Antagonises nobility
      • Antagonised nobility
    • Duke of Buckingham assassination attempt
    • Amicable grant to raise money for French war
      • Sparked Henry VIII only major rebellion
    • Divorce Crisis
      • Wanted to keep Henry happy
      • Wanted to show he was close with/could influence the pope
      • Wanted to keep country catholic
      • Leviticus 20:21 was his main argument
      • Would keep him in power if he was successful
    • Henry VIII defender of the faith
  • Key
    • Political
    • Religious


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