Wolsey- Henry VIII

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  • Wolsey
    • methods
      • Wolsey used the legal system to enforce expensive lawsuits on his rivals- this would cause them financial ruin. But he could reverse these lawsuits encouraging loyalty.
      • Appointed clerical roles. Wolsey had a network of informers that would inform him if someone was ill so that he could plot who would be their successor.
        • When appointed Papal legate for life in 1524 he assumed complete control over this process and imposed a 10% inheritance tax for his own profit.
      • Controlled both legal systems so he couldn't be beaten in court.
      • He remained in the king's favour by always anticipating his needs- unfortunately didn't always do this and when he failed to get his king a divorce by thinking that it was a fling that would quickly pass.
    • Background
      • Born in Ipswich as the son of a butcher
      • One of many who advantaged from the opportunities of social mobility given by the church.
        • Was given a chance to prove himself in the 1513 French expedition- whereby he displayed his excellent administrative skills- he was named Bishop of Tournai- the town captured on the expedition.
      • Went to Oxford University
      • Was seen in Henry VII's court and was even tutor to Henry.
      • Henry's purges of Epson and Dudley mean there were fewer peoplein Wolsey's way and when Henry VII's councillors undermined Henry's foreign policy it gave Wolsey a chance to gain favour.
        • E.g. In 1510 his councillors renewed the Treaty of Etaples despite knowing Henry wanted an aggressive foreign policy.


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