Woking Borough Council

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  • Woking Borough Council- Energy Wastage+ Solutions
    • Starting exploring energy efficient systems during the 1990s
    • Set up a company called Thamesway to work with private companies on this project
    • CHP system powers 6 buildings in the town centre
      • Excess electricity is used by sheltered housing residents+ other council buildings
      • Will be extended with a new power plant at Woking Leisure Centre
        • Linked to Leisure Lagoon Pool at Woking Park
      • Will supply 136 homes close by with power
      • Further 770 dwellings will benefit from lower cost surplus of electricity
    • By 2012 wants to provide 20% of its energy through renewable sources
    • Has its own electricity cables-> doesn't have to be part of the National Grid-> saves on distribution losses
    • Has the largest concentration of photovoltaic cells in the country
      • Clusters produce too much energy-> fed into other systems
        • Vyne Community Centre
        • Knaphill Surgery
      • The ones at Woking Park provide the electricity for the Woking Leisure Centre
      • Cells on street lights+ signs
    • Total annual fuel saving per household for a large house
      • National Energy Company
        • 1100 pounds
      • Thameswey Energy
        • 1000 pounds


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