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  • Within her Eyes
    • Stimulus
      • Love story with a twist
      • inspired by both personal experience and well known naratives.
      • Cousins wanted to portray a unique narrative combining themes of love and loss, dependency and loyalty,longing and memory
      • he wanted to flip the story so they will never end up together
    • Choreographic intention
      • create a dance film that maintained emotional intensity and  visceral energy
        • of the live performance "there we have been" to show an abstract love story open for interpretation
      • female dancer: reaching, wrapping,balancing and falling around male dancer.
      • contrasts folding in to him with the pullling away
        • to highlight the pull she feels to her dead lover to try and move on
      • male dancer: never initates or manipulates, merly responds to her moves, devoted to her
      • he needs her as much as she needs him
    • choreographic approach
      • uses  choro from there we have been and sets it outdoors in a bleak landscape
      • 1) narrative and emotional themes
        • 2) physical idea of keeping lisa off the floor
      • created in collaboration through improvisation
      • filmed and then learnt it back
      • pieced segments into a structure
        • reflected narrative arc of story
    • structure
      • prologue followed by 6 continuous sections, defined by changing locations, physically and music reflecting the developing relationship
      • 1) field
      • 2) top of hill
      • 3) forest
      • 4) marsh
      • 5 )quarry
      • 6)field


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