Within Her eyes (Costume)

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  • Within Her Eyes (costume)
    • girl's blouse is buttoned up to the neck sets a reserved character
    • Blouse is a delicate chiffon fabric :    reinforces her fragility
    • Girl's colour connects her with the sky
    • Girl's dress invites a variety of possible interpretations
    • Man's colour is earthy and connects him with the ground
    • Stable , supportive, solid and dependable (Man's colour)
    • Gender specific
    • Neutral colours to blend in with natural landscapes
    • Everyday clothing matches everyday natural lighting
    • modern day clothing
    • Girl's blouse has 2 top buttons undone towards the end, marking a closer relationship with the man than at the start.
    • Male dancer: long sleeved khaki jumper, jeans , shoes
    • female dancer: beige shirt and pleated skirt, bare foot
    • lightness of the female  costume gives her a more ethereal feel
    • Darkness of the male jumper contrast with the lightness of the female dancer giving the illusion that she is floating


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