Within Her Eyes

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  • Within Her Eyes
    • Choreographer
      • James Cousin
      • future faces of dance
      • strikingly original
      • one of the UK's most promising choreographic talents
    • Costume
      • stylised everyday cloths
      • Female dancer: beige shirt and skirt and is bare foot
      • Male dancer: long sleeved khaki jumper and jeans and is wearing shoes
      • gender specific
      • darkness of the male jumper contrasts with the lightness of the female dancer giving the illusion that she is floating
      • darkness of the male costume links him to the earth
      • lightness of the female costume gives her a more ethereal feel
    • Lighting
      • only natural light is used
      • development from daytime to evening into night
        • shows passage of time
    • Choreographic intention
      • create a film that maintained the emotional intensity and visceral energy of a live stage performance
      • love story that is open for interpretation
      • male dancer never initiates or manipulates
      • female never touches the ground
      • mood is very tender, emotional and sombre
    • Structure
      • A prologue followed by 6 continuous sections
      • each section is defined changes in location
      • overall efffect is one seamless journey
    • Staging/set
      • remote locations
        • feeling of isolation and highlight the characters separation from society
      • locations progress from very open landscapes to more intimate settings
        • shows passage of time
    • Aural Settings
      • composition created specifically for the work
      • Seymour Milton
      • combination of electronic elements with strings and piano
        • creating a haunting and emotive accompaniment
    • Company
      • James Cousins Company
      • explores new ideas
      • rich learning
      • passion for nurturing and enabling young talent to grow
    • Stimulus
      • create a love story with a twist
      • inspired by personal experiences
      • inspired by well known narrativwes
    • Choreographic approach
      • movement was created in collaboration with the dancers through improvisation
      • uses choreography from Cousin's stage production There we Have Been and sets it outdoors in a bleak landscape
    • Facts
      • Dance style: contemporary / contact wok
      • Dancers:1 male / 1 female
      • Time: 17 minutes
      • Performance environment: site sensitise


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