Witchcraft - Basic information

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  • Why Women?
    • Women were often punished more harshly than men.
    • Christianity portrayed women as easily manipulated by the devil.
      • People said had the power to make men do evil things.
    • Many men feared or hated women. This was called Miscogyny
    • Witchcraft
      • Evidence of Witchcraft
        • Unusual marks on the body
        • If they floated when thrown in the water
        • Two proven witches swearing the accused was a witch too
        • Possessed children acting as accusers.
        • "Witness accounts"
        • Confessions.
        • If they did not bleed when pricked with a needle
      • Those found guilty were usually hanged
        • Many others died from unofficial "trials"
          • "Trials" included "The Swimming Test"
      • Mathew Hopkins
        • Accused 36 women of witchcraft - often tortured them to confess.
          • 19 were hanged
        • Called himself the Witch hunter General
          • Earned money for each witch that was executed


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