Wireless Networking

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  • Wireless networking
    • Many computers can now connect to the Internet or communicate with others in a LAN wirelessly.
      • With wireless communcation, the data transfer medium is the air througn which the radio waves travel.
    • To set up a small Wi-Fi network you would need
      • A broadband connection to the Internet
      • A router
      • Wi-Fi enabled computers
    • Advanatges
      • Allows inexpensive LANs to be set up without cables
      • Allows people the freedom of working anywhere a signal can be received
      • Ideal for networks in old listed buildings where cables wouled not be allowed to be installed
      • Global set of standards - you can use Wi-Fi all over the world
    • Disadvantages
      • Power consumption is high - which means laptops soon exhaust their rechargeable batteries
      • There may be health problems in using Wi-Fi
      • There may be security problems even when encryption is used
      • Home networks have a very limited range
      • Can get interference if wireless network signals start to overlap


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