GLOBALISATION - Winners, Losers and Tensions

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  • Winners, losers, and tensions in globalisation.
    • Winners
      • 1800 BILLIONAIRES worldwide - made wealth from ownership of TNC's.
      • Developed countries have been able to maintain their wealth, shown by the rise of CHINA.
      • rising middle class- factory and call workers in ASIA, who's incomes have risen from outsourced/ offshored jobs.
      • People who work for TNC's in developed countries have high income and job security (but stressful jobs).
    • Losers
      • Isolated, rural areas in SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA and in ASIA still has subsistence farming dominating (thin global connections).
      • Workers in deindustrialising areas lose their jobs. (Detroit).
      • Workers in SWEATSHOPS suffer exploitation.
      • People living in slums (DHARAVI).
    • Tensions
      • IMMIGRANTs-UAE's population consists of 84% immigrants.
      • diaspora: dispersal of people from their original homeland (10 million IRISH have fled IRELAND since 1700). - Easy due to open borders in EU since 1995, and FDI encouraging workers to move.
      • Humanitarian crises such as the SYRIAN civil war with IS, meaning refugees flee to EUROPE.
      • Anti-immigration parties have risen in population such as UKIP
        • In 2014, 51% of SWEDEN voted in favour to stop mass-immigration.
    • Ecological footprint
      • SWEDEN's IPC has grown hugely, but its ecological footprint has not. Environment has not been affected.
      • CHINESE ecological footprints have steadily increased since 2001, along with rising incomes. Economic development has high environmental costs.


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