Window on the world

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  • Window on the world
    • Traditional marxist: (postman) infotainment keeps the audience passive thus not questioning capitalism
    • Neo Marxists: white, male, middle class found to be less critical towards a capitalist society
    • Pluralist: Reflects society + investigative journalists have to much integrity to be bias
    • Feminists: Women are shown as victims and a women's age and appearance effects news stories
  • The media isn't a window on the world
    • Gultung and Ruge: Extroadinariness, important people, personal or dramatic
      • Cost = Tiananmen square and chilli minors
        • Audience = graphic images after 9 when children are sleeping
    • Shlesinger - News diary e.g queens Birthday
      • Competition = cutting corners
        • Space/Time =not all news can be reported
          • Churnalism = only 12% investigative journalism


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