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  • William's use of Castles
    • The Motte and Bailey
      • The Motte and Bailey castle is a form of early castle used in the period following the invasion of England
      • The motte was a large raised lump of land or a natural hill, and the bailey was a large amount of land under this
      • This castle type was beneficial to William, as they were quick to build and allowed for a form of protection in the region. Furthermore, it forced attackers to fight uphill to get to the Motte
    • Rebellions
      • During William's reign, rebellion was rather frequent, and as such, Castles helped defeat rebellions
      • William would build castles near areas where rebellions had occurred, or where he believed they were likely. This explains the large proximity of them along the welsh border
    • Castles and cities
      • castles were important to the defence of cities in england
      • Castles were often placed as close as they could be, often a days ride or less away, as this would minimise the chance of law breaking occurring in cities
    • Functions of Norman castles
      • Garrison


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