William Harvey

William Harvey proved more than the others and had accurate proof to back it up. He also got a lot of support from other doctors although people did not believe him straight away

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  • William Harvey
    • Background
      • He was born in Kent in 1578. He studied medicine at Cambridge and Padua. He worked as a doctor in London and the as a lecturer. Died in 1657.
    • Before Harvey
      • Doctors still believed Galen's idea that blood was manufactured in the liver and was burnt up in the body during exercise.
    • After Harvey
      • Harvey showed that blood flowed around the body, is carried away from the heart by arteries and returns through the veins.
      • He proved that the heart acts as a pump, recirculating the blood and the the liver DOES NOT burn up blood.
    • What he did
      • He dissected live, cold-blooded animals whose hearts beat very slowly so he could see the muscle movements of the heart.
      • He dissected human bodies to learn about the heart.
      • He measured the amount of blood moved by each heartbeat and calculated how much was in the body
      • He proved that blood flowed in a one way system around the body.


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