William the conqueror as King

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  • William 1st-25th December 1066
    • Domesday Book
    • Rebellions
      • East Anglia
      • Exeter
        • Persuades the rebels to be loyal, buying them off
      • Harrying of the North
        • Treated very harshly, killing loads of people and ******, burning, pillaging
          • Mass famine, salted the ground so nothing would grow
      • Kent
    • Castle
      • Motte and Bailey Castles- protect trade routes and establish his authority
    • Normanisation
      • Removed all the English earls
        • Untitled
    • Churches
      • Norman architecture- new culture has been put into England
      • Change Stigand with Lanfranc, who was an Italian Lawyer
    • Feudal System
      • Gives land to the Baron, who give to knights and the pheasants work on it


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