William Laud's Religious Policies 1629-40

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  • Religious Policy
    • Religious Ceremonies
      • bowing at name 'Jesus'
      • Beautifying clothes
        • prejudice against deep-rooted Puritans
      • 'Laudian High Church'
        • seemed Roman Catholic
    • Why opposition to Laud developed
      • interference
        • mant objected and feared his polices
        • changed religiously, politically, socially
        • many Puritan Gentry opposed him
          • power in Royal Council
          • atitutde towards him
    • The Altar
      • Move to east end of church with barriers
        • Catholicism?
      • said it should be a special place
    • Aims
      • restore the 'beauty of holiness'
        • ceremonies
        • position of the alter
      • restore the church to wider power & infuence
      • raise the educational level of Parish Clergy
    • View on the Catholic Church
      • didn't share common prejudice against them
      • Offered Post of Cardunial from Pope
        • refusal wasn't seen as strong enough
          • a weak deduction- Puritan
    • Book of Sports
      • Re-introduced in 1633
        • enncouraged sport after church services
      • against Puritan way
    • Attempts to Raise Status of Clergy
      • Determined to raise status of Parish Priest to Gentry
        • Priests intefered with the Gentry authority
      • Removed family Pews of the Gentry
        • in own private (local) area
        • felt humiliated
        • felt shown up
          • in front of tenants and lower orders


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